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and harbouring grudges torments the soul.

Our Mentor's Message

In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, the Merciful.

Respect, Courtesy and affection are supreme virtues. Be respectful to everyone- old or young, rich or poor. Just by honouring others, blessings are multiplied manifold. Disrespect distorts the fate. Charting your destiny is, thus, in your own hands.

In wordly affairs, endeavour with full vigour but always in accordance with religious values and ethical and social norms. Leave the results of your efforts to Allah. There is no doubt that Allah fashions all and encompasses all. It is He that shapes circumstances as He will. While seeking livelihood, it is incumbent on everyone to act in accordance with ethical, social and religious values.

Seek forgiveness of the one whose feelings and sensibilities have been hurt by you. Remember, humility is a sure sign of greatness.

Instantly forgive those who have caused you grief. For the rage of revenge is a source of distress. Harbouring grudges and being vengeful is destructive of senses and torments the soul.

Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


To provide affordable consistently, best-in-quality, hi-tech security & cash management solutions to our customers while exceeding the value expectations of our shareholders and employees.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Irshad Ali

CEO & Chairman

Asghari Begum


M. Kanwar Tariq

Executive Director

Najma Parveen

Director Finance

Our SOS Team

Syed Anwar Mahmood

Company Advisor

Jahangir Khan

Company Advisor

Sheikh Muhammad Tahir

Company Secretary & Head of Corporate Affairs

Ch. Hamid Hameed

Group Advisor

M. Aamir Raza

Country Head CIT

Mujahid Hussain

Chief Financial Officer

Nishat Fatima

Group Advisor & COO Foreign Currency Export

Samina Sultana

Head Evaluation & Monitoring, ED Secretariat

Brig. Ayaz Peer

Country Head Guarding

Syed Abrar Zaidi

Group Head of Risk & Insurance

Khalil Tahir

Deputy CFO & Head of Taxation

Rana Muddassir

Head of Regualtory Affairs & Monitoring

Ashraf Hanif

DGM Headquarter

Maj (R) Tariq Mehmood

Country Head (BSS) & Chief Coordinator (ED Office)

Col. (R) Liaqat Ali

Group Head HR

Umair Ikram

DGM Guarding, Head office

Azeem Javed

Head of Payroll Attendance

Abdul Sattar Achakzai

General Manager - South

Badar Zafar

Head Research and Development

Asad Bin Shahid

General Manager - KPK

Dr. Liaqat Jibran

Head of Operations CIT

Khalid Ali

GM Central-1

Waleed Iqbal Khan

Country Head Sale

Azib Miraj

Chief Coordinator to Executive Director

Aisha Mazhar Azeemi

E.D Secretariat Representative

Humayun Asghar

Group Head Cost Control

Ghazanfar Siqqiqui

Group Head Procurement

Jamil Ur Rahman

Country Head CPC

Yasir Khan

Executive coordinator Country Head CIT

Our Business Values

Business Integrity

Openness and honesty are the foundation of every successful relationship. We are open and honest in every discussion with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in order to deliver the very best that SOS can offer.

Hi-tech Innovative Solutions for Our Customers

We invest in technology and best practice continuously improve the products and services we offer. We challenge ourselves to find new ways of helping our customers achieve their goal.

We Embrace Diversity

We believe that better decisions are made through having a diverse organisation. Better decisions deliver better solutions for our customers.

Our Passion

We are passionate about- Safety, Security & Service Excellence.

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