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SOS Pakistan: A platform for Professionals To register yourself, please share your profile here.

Training Programme

Security Organizing System trains fresh Guards and Drivers, Diploma Holders and Matriculates in order to train them in their respective fields as Trainee Close Protection Officers and Skilled Drivers. The newly inducted Trainee are imparted theoretical knowledge as well as practical training about their relevant skills. On successful completion of the training, the Trainees are inducted in the respective fileds against the vacant posts as regular employees on merit. Training programme comprises of 50 % practical training on the job and 50% theoretical instructions. Note: Books, uniforms, stationery items are provided by the company.

Applying as a Trainee / Apprentice

Candidates are selected on merit by Training School . Selected candidates may also be inducted against vacant posts (if any) of Trainees and Apprentices in respective departments. To register yourself, please create your profile here.


SOS Pakistan Pvt. Ltd offers internship and traineeship opportunities in critical busniess segments. Interns will be a part of a rotational experience where they will be able to experience different positions within supportive and operational departments. This internship or traineeship is paid, on monthly stipened. Application Process: Upon deciding to apply for the internship program, the applicant should present their resume to SOS Pakistan. If the applicant is found to be eligible for applying to the program, they will be invited for an interview with HR & SD. Applicants who pass the interview and evaluation, are then invited to make an official application. To complete the official application, the applicants must submit the required documents. Within two days after receiving and signing the internship placement agreement with us (description of the internship conditions such as work hours, stipend, training plan, etc.). To register yourself, please create your profile here.

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