Our journey at SOS Pakistan has been defined by significant milestones, marking our progress and achievements in the security industry. From our humble beginnings to becoming a pioneering force, each milestone represents our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These accomplishments have strengthened our resolve to continue providing cutting-edge security solutions, making a positive impact on the safety and well-being of our clients and communities.


Establishment of the Company for Guarding Services

SOS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd Company was established in January, 1994 with registered office in Multan, the south Punjab and started its services with group of 12 armed guards and 4 staff members.


Establishment of CIT

In 2017, SOS Company embarked on a very enterprising task of extending Cash In Transit Services to Pakistani Banks under full security to assist the banks to transport their valuable cash from one bank to the other and also from SOS Safe vaults to different bank and vise versa. Presently the company, with the help of its highly professional, and dedicated staff and state of the art, operational vehicles has captured major portion of CIOT Business all over Pakistan, and this happened only due to the trust developed with our valuable clients over the last period of 3 years.

Start of Off-site Atm’s Replenishment

The company is also handling very sensitive task of replenishing the off-Site ATMs installed at various banks, with the mission to provide on-time service of ATMs to the public at large to enable them to withdraw their cash from the Banks even at Odd hours without any hassle.

Establishment of Alarms & Monitoring Segment

Along with the CIT business Services provided to the Banks, SOS Company also Established a separate wing of Installing Alarms Systems and CCTV cameras on the bank premises to strengthen the internal as well as external security at Banks at the time of movement of vehicles carrying valuable cash to the banks and safely handing over to their authorized officials.


Establishment of Cpc Business Segment

Our company, is one of the leading companies in Pakistan to assist the banks in processing their huge cash with the help of state-of-the-art processing machines. During this process not only, the notes are counted and bundled for the further delivery to the banks but also the soiled and fake notes are automatically segregated for return to relevant banks. Through this outsourcing business by the banks the company has relieved the bank employees from strenuous work of manually counting and bundling these notes and also protected them from bearing financial loss incase currency was found short during manual counting.


Establishment of Foreign Currency & Valuables Import/ Export Business Segment

The Company under propoer license from the Govt of Pakistan and State Bank of Pakistan has entered into business of Export of Foreign Currency as well as valuables across the boarder. Presently, we are exporting these valuables to the neighboring countries with entire satisfaction of our clients by following the procedures, rules and regulations formulated by State Bank of Pakistan. Under this segment the company is presently performing the same function which are parallel being performed by major Currency Houses/ Exchange Companies in Pakistan.

On-site Atm Replenishment:

SOS Pakistan, the leader & Pioneer in outsourced Currency Management Services having its fully equipped own cash processing centers (CPCs) along with fully insured vault facility all over Pakistan to facilitate the banking industry. We are also pioneers in introducing the outsourcing of “on-Site ATM Replenishment services” from Gwadar to Khunjerab.

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